Taekwondo essay

July 8, 2019
taekwondo essay

  march 8, 2015 in black belt essay by sunsoo a bit of history two at the judging table, master tony morris, and my older daughter master juli bowman were instrumental in my decision to begin my tae kwon do practice.

Introduction one of the most popular sports at present is taekwondo. It is loosely defined in korean as the way of the foot and fist. It is from the word tae, which means foot, kwon for fist and do for the way or method.

Taekwondo, usually thought of by most people as just a way of fighting, and as being a brutal sport. People consider it brutal because of all the kicks, punches, throws, and arm and wrist locks they usually arent open minded enough to see the way it benefits people especially children.

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Taekwondo pursues harmonious growth and improvements of life through its unique activities. To ultimately enable ourselves to lead more valuable lives, we would do well by finding the guiding principles deeply hidden in taekwondo.

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  below is the taekwondo essay i had to write for my upcoming black belt test on november 10th. Little over 1,000 words before noon on a sunday? Yeah, im impressed too.

Do you know taekwondo is also considered a sport and is an event in many major competitions. When these questions are asked, the majority of the people who answer do not know the correct answers or the complete answer.

Taekwondo has brought a lot of things in my life, good life lessons, strength and most of all trusted friends. In fact the reason i wanted to learn martial arts was because of a friend in my school. Taekwondo has also made me a more responsible person, it has taught me i have to get everywhere early.

Tae kwon do is about self-defense and it has taught me to be self-aware of my surroundings. My dad has helped emphasize this point by asking me questions when we go to the store. Hell ask me what color was the cashiers shirt or what was on the name tag, to see if i was observant with my surroundings.