Ontological argument essay

July 8, 2019
ontological argument essay

In this paper i will argue that anselms ontological argument for the existence of god is indeed adequate for establishing the necessary existence of the greatest conceivable being.

The ontological argument for gods existence is a work of art resulting from philosophical argumentation. An ontological argument for the existence of god is one that attempts the method of a priori proof, which utilizes intuition and reason alone.

08 assess whether the ontological argument demonstrates the existence of god. (30 marks) the ontological argument was first formulated by st. It argues the existence of god from a deductive and a priori stance.

Ryan lynch 12lch outline the ontological argument for the existence of god. The ontological argument, the greek word ontology relating to being, for the existence of god uses a priori logic and reason, based on premises that are not drawn from or dependent upon experience, to state that god must exist because he is the greatest possible.

The ontological argument   the ontological argument, put forth by saint anselm in his proslogium, attempts to prove the existence of god simply by the fact that we have a particular concept of god - that god is that than which nothing greater can be conceived.

Anselms ontological argument for the existence of god corners around the definition of god as a being than which nothing greater can be conceived as well as two modes of existence, in the understanding and in reality (anselm chapter 2).

The argument for the ontological argument - for many, the idea of existence as a predicate causes issues for the ontological argument.

Perhaps one might resolve to use the label ontological argument for any argument which gets classified as an ontological argument by its proponent(s). This procedure would make good sense if one thought that there is a natural kindontological argumentswhich our practice carves out, but for which is hard to specify defining.

In this essay i shall describe anselms ontological argument and look at how it may prove gods existence. I will then go on to look at criticisms of the argument from both gaunilo and kant to see if they can show that the argument does not work and if not, why not.